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How To Find Out Who Owns A Domain Name

You are intending to trade or want to buy a domain. But when you check the domain that you want to register is owned. So how do you find out who owns that domain to buy or negotiate domain transfer. This article will help you find the information of the person who owns a domain.

Here are simple ways to find out who owns a domain:

1. Finding the domain owner information through the contact on website

The easiest way to contact the domain owner is to visit the domain. If the domain has a website that is active and has contact information, you can contact that information.

2. Checking who owns a domain name through the Whois sites

Often the information about who owns the domain is public information and allows you to search. I often use the free domain name lookup service at:

If domain information is set to private, you can also send email through administrative contact email. Most private domain setting services will automatically redirect email to the domain owner’s account. Others require you to visit a private domain name service provider to contact the owner. At this stage, most email sent receives feedback from the owner.

3. Using search engine

Using a search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc, will usually help in finding the domain owner information. You can search for keywords from domain information such as: phone number, email, name or address, and then find out their contact information.

4. Using service from domain experts

With a reasonable price depending on the “hot” of the domain you want to buy, you can contact the domain registrars or use the domain consultancy services of domain experts, they will help you find information about who owns the domain you are interested in. Domain Investors are very good at finding domain name information and can help you find this information for free or at a low cost.


Many domain owners do not want to disclose their personal information for a variety of reasons and this is perfectly legal when they use hidden domain information services. Even if you have sent a letter to the owner, they have no obligation to answer you, if they think it is not necessary.

There are many cases where the owner does not reply to your email even though you suggested a domain name acquisition and you know that the domain name can be sold by the owner. If this happens most of the reason is that the recommended price is too low or the language used in the email is inappropriate, unprofessional, not serious, etc.

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