A2 Hosting 67% OFF Coupon in November 2018

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A2 Hosting Black Friday
In November 2018, A2 Hosting is currently offering an amazing deal of 67% off on all their shared hosting plans. This is part of their extended Black Friday sale.
SHOW COUPON – 67% off Shared Hosting ($1.98/mo) & Managed WordPress (11/21/2018 – 11/27/2018)
SHOW COUPON – 40% Off Reseller Hosting (11/21/2018 – 11/27/2018)
SHOW COUPON – 50% Off Managed VPS & Core VPS (11/21/2018 – 11/27/2018)
SHOW COUPON – 50% off Select SSD Dedicated Servers (11/21/2018 – 11/27/2018)
* Update: A2 Hosting coupons & promo codes in May 2022

A2 Hosting Share Hosting Coupon for May 2022

SHOW COUPONBlack Friday & Cyber Monday 2019: 67% Off Shared Hosting (From $1.98/mo
SHOW COUPONBlack Friday & Cyber Monday 2019: 60% Off Managed WordPress
SHOW COUPON51% OFF Managed WordPress Hosting package
SHOW COUPON51% OFF Shared Hosting package

A2 Hosting Reseller Hosting Coupon for May 2022

SHOW COUPONBlack Friday & Cyber Monday 2019: 51% Off Reseller Hosting (From $9.80/mo )
SHOW COUPON34% OFF Reseller Hosting package

A2 Hosting VPS Coupon for May 2022

SHOW COUPONBlack Friday & Cyber Monday 2019: 50% Off Managed VPS and Core VPS
SHOW COUPONBlack Friday & Cyber Monday 2019: 50% Off Managed Dedicated Server
SHOW COUPON34% OFF Managed VPS Hosting
SHOW COUPON17% OFF Dedicated Server Hosting
Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) about A2 Hosting:

#1.Who Owns A2 Hosting?

As of now, A2 Hosting isn’t owned by any conglomerate like EIG or GoDaddy. The company with the name “A2” was formed in May 2003. It was actually called something else and then renamed because they wanted to associate it with their town Ann Arbor, Michigan – hence the A2. The founder is Bryan Muthig, and it continues to be independent of any other larger enterprise as of now.

#2. Which A2 Hosting plan will be better for me?
Depending on the traffic size of your website you can either go for shared hosting or VPS hosting. If you have less than or around 50K monthly unique traffic then it’s safe to go with shared hosting (I recommend to start with Swift). On the other hand, if your website has 100K+ monthly traffic then VPS server will be the perfect solution for you.

#3. Is there any money-back guarantee from A2 Hosting?
Yap, A2 Hosting is one of those rare hosting companies who provide life-time money back guarantee. Let me share with you my personal experience, I shifted my sites from Swift to Turbo hosting and created a ticket to cancel my Swift hosting plan. They not on closed that plan but also refunded my money for rest for the 3 months that I paid, even without asking for any refund.

#4. What billing plans does A2 Hosting has?
You can go with monthly, half-yearly (6 months), 12 months, 24 months or 36 months plan. Although it’s safe to go with any plan you want as you are having any time money back guarantee, I recommend to go with at least 12 months plan as paying every single month may seem pain to some people including me.

Hope you have made a very effective decision of buying you next or very first hosting plan with A2 Hosting. I will be glad to know your experience with A2 Hosting in future, so keep in touch and make sure you use all the extra features of A2 Hosting including free SSL certificate which I loved the most.

#5. What payment methods does A2 Hosting accept?
A2 Hosting accepts several common and easy payment methods including Paypal, Skrill, MasterCard, VisaCard, Bank transfer, Checks, 2CheckOut and more. You must keep in mind that payment that made via check is non-refundable. I recommend to use Paypal or Debit card for ease and fast payment.

#6Where are the A2 Hosting Data Centers?

A2 has a pretty global presence on the web hosting scene, with data centers in the following locations:



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